How to fix DNS server not responding on Windows PC

One of the most common problem that Windows PC users face is DNS server is not responding. At the time when you try to connect to the internet, Windows can give you error as no internet connection. Whenever this problem occurs, Windows asks you to troubleshoot problem by diagnostic it and whenever you select this option, windows run a diagnostic tool but most of time your problem doesn’t get solved.

Users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 generally face this problem. In the new Windows operating system that is Windows 10 it may also appear. Though we have not get any report about DNS server not responding problem in windows 10 preview version. But all we know is that is worst problem of Windows and we also have faced this problem at least once. But today, I’ll share some methods to solve dns server not responding problem in windows.

How to Fix DNS server not responding:

Three methods are there to solve DNS server not responding problem. Let us take a look at what these methods are.

Method 1: Fixing Network Address

Most of the time using this trick easily solve your problem. It’s not too long process. Lets know the process-

1. At first go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.

2. Now click on Change Adapter Setting.

3. Select your network adapter and right click on it and go to Properties.

4. Now double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

5. Now set your DNS. Use Preferred DNS: and Alternative DNS

You also can use open DNS. That is and

6. Now mark on Validate settings upon exit and click on OK.

7. Now open Command Prompt. To open it just go to Start and type CMD. Then press enter.

8. Type IPCONFIG /ALL and press enter.

9. Now you will see your Physical Address. Right down it. Example: 78-DD-08-F1-DF-B0

10. Now press Windows Logo Key + R from Keyboard to open RUN.

11. In RUN, type NCPA.CPL and press enter.

12. Now go to your network adapter properties.

13. Click on Configure and Select Advance Tab.

14. In Advance Tab, find Network Address in property section and select it.

15. Now mark on value and type your physical address without dashes. Example:  My physical address is 78-DD-08-F1-DF-B0. So i’ll type 78DD08F1DFB0.

16. Now click on OK and restart your PC.

Using this method has solve the problem of most of our users.

Method 2: Reinstall Windows

If the above method doesn’t solve your problem, then probably reinstalling Windows will fix your problem.


Garageband: Download For PC – Windows & Mac

Music is the purer form of art in my opinion. Which comes straight from the soul and is an expression of one’s self and the life and experiences they have lived.

Also, there are incredible written pieces, paintings, sculptures, etc. but music industry dominates the more popular culture unlike any other.

We are lucky enough to be in an age where music can be had and made by pretty much everyone. You just need to do is get a music making app such as Garageband, that enables you to mix and create music with the help of a Mac or PC.

Garageband: Download For PC – Windows & Mac


In this article, I’ll walk you through the options you have to download and install Garageband, which is a great music editing software, on your PC, and some great tips and alternatives for making the most out of the app.

What Is Garageband?

Garageband is Apple’s way of helping the future generations do something for the music with  the help of this software.
Garageband, since its inception, has become a whole music editing and creating platform. Users can learn to play drums or piano by using outside or preinstalled sourced music on your computer or iPad. There are a number of preset instruments including piano, guitar, drums, and more.

Can You Get Garageband for windows PC?

You may or may not might be aware that Microsoft (Windows) and Apple have been competing for the past several decades to rule the market share of PC. Traditionally Microsoft had the upper hand, but Apple has always been more higher end, niche, and gaining in popularity recently.

Remote Connect To Garageband

Using Google Chrome, users can setup a remote connection very easily. With a feature called Chrome Remote Desktop that enables users to connect to another PC given they have permission to both and know passwords. Follow these steps to connect your PC to a Mac running Garageband.

  1. Make sure you have Google Chrome on both your Mac and your PC.
  2. Go to both computers and install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension (link above) to both Chrome apps.
  3. Now, head over to the Mac and open Chrome and click the plus for a new tab. You should see Chrome Remote Desktop and make sure you authorize it. Go through all of the permissions and access rights and select yes.
  4. From there, you will be asked to share the computer, click to share and write down the access code it gives you.
  5. On your PC open Chrome and the Remote Desktop extension and grant it access and permission to run.
  6. Then it will prompt you to enter in the access code you got for the Mac and hit Connect.

iOS Emulator for PC

Users might be confused as whether there are any options to run an emulator, that is similar to an Android emulator that will enable you to play iOS apps on your Personnel computer. You all can easily download Garageband for windows,iPad and iPhone this would be a potential option to emulate an iPad and then run the app.

A controlled environment, Mac model is where Apple strictly determines which can be let into their OS X program and ensures everything plays nicely together. The Microsoft process is that they will build a platform and let pretty much anyone tack on and add on programs to modify it as they see fit. Users can therefore imagine that Windows is ok with letting Garageband run on it’s system, however, Apple is keen to limit who can use the app.